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Welcome all

May 19, 2008

Well, since I haven't been around for awhile, thought I would start this up to bring all up to date on what has been happening LOL.

I had a heart attack (too many people
causing me too much stress), then had lots of other health problems
(hernia, bleeding ulcer, back abscess and now I just found out I
have a compression fracture in my lower back). Just wish things
were better LOL. I used to be 5 & a half feet tall - I am now
3 inches shorter and only weigh 118 pounds - used to weight 150
LOL. Biggest thing is I have so little energy. If it wasn't
for Home Care coming in to do my house work, the place would be a
disaster LOL. Doug (hubby) is getting worse, so have to contend
with that. I have 2 girls in town - haven't seen the oldest in
about a year and the youngest only calls when she needs
something. At least I see my granddaughter regularly, but my 4
grandsons usually don't come around. Aren't families wonderful

Anyway, can hardly wait till all our snow goes and I can get out
in the yard and... [More]
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