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Below is a list of some of the things I have for sale. These are all designed and made by myself. All prices are in US dollars.

Apple signs for that old fashioned general store - $1.00 US each

Bear rugs - made with real fur - TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS each. These can also be made with fake fur if you wish. Polar bear rugs are also available.

Mounted moosehead -SIX DOLLARS (it even has real hair on it LOL). These can be done in various scales.

This modern sofa comes with 2 toss cushions and a throw for across the arm. Price is TWELVE DOLLARS.

This top hat is just example of one of the many different hats I make - I can make any hat you wish. Price is TEN DOLLARS for the top hat.

This is cookie mix in a jar. You choose what holiday decoration you would like on the jar - Christmas, Halloween, birthday, Easter, etc. Price is TWO DOLLARS each or 2 for THREE DOLLARS.

These are American Military officers' caps - TEN DOLLARS each.

Wedding dress, veil and bouquet (style may vary) - FORTY DOLLARS. I also do orders on commission - tell me what you would like. Price for this is FIFTY DOLLARS.

Noah's Ark candlestick - the perfect accessory for a child's room - FIFTEEN DOLLARS

These are wooden faux tile trays - patterns may vary - SIX DOLLARS each

A well worn men's vest - color may vary - EIGHT DOLLARS each.

Seashell mirrors - real mirror and shells - FIVE DOLLARS each.

Hand-crocheted baby afghan - color may vary - TWELVE DOLLARS

A dollhouse for your dollhouse, made totally from wood - SIX DOLLARS

Ballerina doll - the kit was from Dana Sippel - THIRTY FIVE DOLLARS

Ladies cloche hat - color may vary - EIGHT DOLLARS.

Mini spring-type clothes pins (non-working) - 1 inch scale - 12 for THREE DOLLARS half inch scale - 12 for FOUR DOLLARS

2 quart pop bottles - any brand - $1.00 US each

Quarter scale quilt rack - I also make the rack in other scales - EIGHT DOLLARS or SIX DOLLARS for a kit to make your own.

Modern or old fashioned skis - TEN DOLLARS a pair

Hope you enjoyed looking. More pictures and things for sale coming soon.