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My daughter helps run the Humane Society here in Thompson, Manitoba, Canada. They were having a fund raiser on May 1st, 2004 and she asked me to make a room box for them to sell on their Chinese Auction. Here is my interpretation of The Rainbow Bridge.


The Rainbow Bridge - where our beloved pets go to wait for us after they have passed from this world.

It is a place of peace, serenity and sparkling color – no cruelty, no cages, no leashes or collars (that’s why the little leash has a FOR SALE sign on it – it’s no longer needed). At the Rainbow Bridge there is always enough to eat and drink and lots of fun toys to play with.

The WALL OF FAME at the back pictures some famous animals and some known only to their beloved owners. Some living, some already over the Rainbow Bridge, but the one thing they all have in common – they are all beloved pets.

Since the Rainbow Bridge is in the middle of Somewhere, who knows, there might be an alien peeking around the corner or an alien cat sitting in the corner.

The following things were made by people from the USA and Canada. Thank you, everyone – I couldn’t have done it without you. Some of the things were donated especially for the box and some were things I received in various swaps over the years.

Tiny dog chews - Cheryl, Nova Scotia
Rainbow Bridge printout - Carol, Ontario
Net - Linda, Tennessee
Plant on table – someone in the US, I have lost the name
Tile-top table - Beth, USA
Tiny teddy with missing ear – USA
Paperweight with Dalmatian in it – USA
Large dog chew - Tere, Texas
Numerous printies - Tere, Texas
Mouse or hamster cage – Laura, Texas
Yellow ducks - USA
Area rug – Vi, USA
Printies - Suzanne, Magnolia, Texas
Small white cat with Xmas hat – Itty Bitty World, Texas

I made several of the accessories in the box. Here is what I did:

1. I bought the basket that contains all the pet food. I took off the handle, repainted it, and glued in all the pet food.

2. Pet food – the bags are made from colored scrapbook paper. The labels are ads that were cut from magazine ads. I used kitty litter for the food inside, mainly to give the bag some weight. For the boxes, I covered cut up Styrofoam meat trays with colored paper.

3. Food tray – part of a plastic bubble pack. It has been cut down, painted, and then crushed doggie treats were glued in. I used doggie treats so it would look real and also so it would have a bit of color.

4. Books – cut up Styrofoam tray with colored paper covers and pictures from magazine ads of the books glued on.

5. Stool cat is sitting on – I used a wooden bead for a base, glued a dowel in the hole and then glued a concave button to the dowel. I covered the button with thin suede.

6. Fountain - this piece is bought; I used Weldbond for water.

7. Birds in fountain – cut from the top of a wedding favour, painted and glued into the fountain, on the water.

8. Litter box – this was a mirrored key chain. I used real cat litter for the litter, just crushed it a bitto make it more in scale.

9. Leash and collar – the collar is made from a tiny piece of thin leather with a jump ring for a buckle. The leash is a piece of fine chain.

10. Newspaper – printie from Jim Collins site.

11. Animals – most of them are from my collection.

12. Tree and pot – The pot the tree is in is a cap off a tube of stick glue. All I did was paint it. I filled it with air-dry clay, and then before it dried, I stuck in some real branches. I added a bit of paint, some artificial leaves, and a couple of tiny flowers to the branches. After the clay dried, I glued a bit of real dirt on top.